Tennis Betting Stats - Home Win (Player 1) Stats - Full Time

Home Wins Tennis Betting Stats (Player 1 wins) - Full Time Model

These Home/Away Tennis Win Stats are perfect for finding hot players playing against weak players. We split them into two categories - Home Wins and Away Wins. In the home wins stats, we look at the first player's winning % and second playe's losing %. We do the same for the away win stats, just the other way around. The higher the percentage average, the better chance of the home or away win (depending on the browsed stats). We also include the H2H trends and odds for quick reference.  

Check these out, before you ask any questions...


We update the stats after 7pm UK time every day for the next day. Some teams play every other day, therefore we can generate the stats only 1 day in advance. 

  • HL40 - % of player 1 last 40 matches finishing as a win of the player 1.
  • HL15 - % of player 1 last 15 matches finishing as a win of the player 1.
  • HL6 - % of player 1 last 6 matches finishing as a win of the player 1.
  • AL40 - % of player 2 last 40 matches finishing as a loss of the player 2.
  • AL15 - % of player 2 last 15 matches finishing as a loss of the player 2.
  • AL6 - % of Away team's last 6 matches finishing as a loss of the player 2.
  • AVG - Average of all the above factors.
  • H2H No - Number of Head To Head matches between the two players (max last 8 meetings excluding friendly matches).
  • H2H - No of H2H matches finishing as a win of the home player.
  • Odds H - Home Player's odds.
  • Odds A - Away Player's.
  1.  We don't include friendly matches in our stats calculations.
  2.  You can sort the tables by clicking on headers. The data will be sorted by lowest and highest values, oldest and newest, as well as alphabetically. 
  3.  There are filters at the bottom of the tables and search button at the top to help you find what you are looking for quickly e.g. team's names, competition, country or specific data values.
  4.  We included buttons for printing and downloading the data from tables in different formats such as pdf, csv or excel
  5.  These stats models need a few game weeks as teams find their rhythm and establish form. Bear that in mind when betting at the beginning of the season. 
  6.  The bookies are very slow when adding the betting lines and odds for basketball matches, especially for the smaller and less popular competition. Hence many of the matches won't have the betting lines added in the tables, as they were not available at the time of updating the stats. 
  7.  Another issue with the odds and lines is their availability. The margins are often very small and will change very quickly as punters back and lay certain outcomes. Therefore, some of the lines displayed in the tables won't be available to bet on with the bookmakers.

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